I have undergone an enormous transformation since starting EMDR. This is with out question due to my therapists expertise and the benefit EMDR has for processing trauma.

While doing EMDR in our regular one hour sessions was helpful, the time frame was a limitation to my ability to reach the most vulnerable state of processing. The EMDR Intensive eliminated that entirely allowing me to explore things I didn’t realize were apart of my trauma and process them rapidly with out interruptions.

If someone is considering EMDR therapy as an option I would highly recommend the Intensive sessions. I have experienced amazing progress and growth first hand.

-Tila Wilson

I woke up this morning and quickly welled up with tears. I woke up knowing I fit and knowing I belong. So simple but a HUGE shift in how I think about myself.

You helped me to take the good things I have tried to tell myself were true about me and magically took away whatever blocks me from truly feeling and knowing these things are true about myself. I feel like I brought up all of these negative situations and finally believed enough good about me to cover them to a point where they don’t rule me.

For the past two years, I’ve been under the guidance of Melissa. She’s been key to my growth and healing process which has continued to lead me to the truest version of myself.

The intensive really was a huge break through for me. Instead of working in a small section of time, I was able to start down a path of hurt and discomfort. The longer session allowed us to visit those wounds, identify root causes and begin the healing process. I left feeling whole and empowered. The longer session is really life changing because of the amount you are able to tackle in one setting.

-Emily V

I have been seeing Melissa since 2013, for PTSD and anxiety. When I first started seeing her, I was struggling to function. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, could barely function at work, and was in survival mode. We started with traditional 50 minute sessions, which helped me improve a lot.

However, starting intensives in 2018 has changed my life. Longer sessions has provided us with the time to dig a lot deeper and get to the root of so many different things. It has allowed us to effectively complete EMDR treatment.

I don’t think we could have accomplished such a significant amount of healing in such a short time if it weren’t for intensives. Intensives, combined with meditation, energy work, and neuromuscular massage, have completely changed my life. I am thriving, compared to where I was at just 18 months ago.

I can now sleep, I don’t have panic attacks anymore, I can remain calm in situations that would have resulted in disassociating and panicking previously, I am out-performing at a high stress job, and I am a better mother for it. I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without Melissa. I would highly recommend her, and intensives, to anyone that is interested in healing.

-Emily F.


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