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Somatic Integration and Processing II Outline

This training was specifically created to help new and seasoned therapists improve their skills of case conceptualization and to build upon the foundational elements of SIP I by incorporating more advanced elements.

In this training:

  1. You will learn the fundamental and advanced components of Somatic Integration and Processing (SIP)
  2. You will be able to apply these components to your clinical conceptualization and work with clients
  3. You will gain an understanding of the intrapersonal and interpersonal effects of applying this synthesis of theory to your personal and professional lives.
  4. You will be equipped to better discern what therapeutic modalities to integrate into each unique session by understanding the most fundamental aspects of the human organism and development of self


With these skills we can unravel the complexities of trauma presentations and choose interventions that are best suited to their needs.

Next training opportunity:

April 28th – April 30th, 2022 – Springfield, MO and on Zoom

This training is for Licensed Clinicians and Counselors. If you have a Master’s Degree in a helping field or are currently a student in a Master’s Level program in a helping field you are also eligible to attend. Upon completion of 21 approved training hours Beyond Healing Center will calculate and issue 21 NBCC hours.

Outline and Testimonials below:


Somatic Integration and Processing (SIP) is an interpersonal neurobiology based conceptualization tool that uses psychodynamic theory, adaptive information processing and nervous system focused conceptual frameworks to assist clinicians in their ability to understand, interpret and utilize diagnostic bio/psycho/social/cultural information about their clients.


Tools presented within SIP help to illustrate this diagnostic information in a structurally concentric template that can be used for tracking session goals, maneuvering through any processing issues that might come up during a session as well as understanding their psychodynamic origins, and it can even be used to track an entire therapeutic process.


While SIP is not a therapeutic modality with its own interventions, SIP can be incorporated into a wide range of therapeutic orientations and their various approaches. All of this is for the sake of helping the therapeutic alliance move the client to the place of feeling safe in connection in both their mind and body.

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A Model for Case Conceptualization Training Outline:


Day 1

  1. Intersubjectivity and the First Relationship 
  2. Human as Mammalian Organism 
  3. IPNB of Human Development through Relationships


Day 2

  1. Organizing Lived Experiences in order to Make Meaning
  2. Forming a Subjective Identity and the Utility of Objectivity
  3. Identity and Somatic Psychology


Day 3

  1. Confirming and Disconfirming the Organization of Self
  2. Therapy and the Embodied Self
  3. Honoring the Subjective Self with Awareness and Intentionality


-“Thank you for three days of discoveries, challenges, insights, uncoverings and connection. You have clearly worked so hard to pull all of this together, and the presentation is truly phenomenal. The command of the language, attunement to each other and the participants was beautiful to both witness and receive.” – T.W.

-“This course is immensely useful and also intellectually challenging which made it fun! The personalities of each presenter as well as their interactions together added to the depth of information shared which kept me engaged. Thank you so much for enriching my practice and adding to the healing in my client community. I look forward to my next training with Beyond Healing Center.” -C.A.

-“SIP is very validating as a clinician. A client noticed a shift in the relationship during a session following training and asked if I had a spiritual awakening!” -K.G.

-“This is the first training I’ve had that I feel will be applicable to my practice and I know I will be using it!” – P.B.

-“SIP is beyond great! This just makes intuitive sense, and gave me words to put to things I’ve seen and experienced. I absolutely see myself being able to put this information to use in my private practice immediately!” – J.E.